Nawrocki Imports was founded on the simple philosophy that one should never sell a wine that they themselves would not enjoy. Our world class team of tasters travel the globe in search of artisan and boutique wine offerings to bring to the United States. These amazing wines hail from small family run vineyards that do not mass produce their wines.

By leaving it to the craft wine makers, we offer wonderful wines that show the real beauty behind the art of winemaking. When selecting our wines, we taste each and every one, and bring only the best of the best to the United States. We form friendships with the wine-makers, and stay in contact with them.

We are passionate about our relationships with the vineyards and pride ourselves on working with local small companies, like ourselves. We pride ourselves on being a locally owned, employed, and run company. We were born and raised in Northeast Pennsylvania, our warehouse is located in West Pittston, and we continue to employ local people with the same background. Home and small town relationships are very important to us and engrained into the very DNA of our company. With deep roots in Italy, Spain, Portugal, and beyond, Nawrocki Imports is devoted to wines that represent the unique tastes and textures of their global origins and hope to expand this knowledge and these palettes to our customers.

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